What Do You Need To Know Before Buying an Electric Golf Kart?

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Worried about your heavy golf club and how to carry them about in a golf course before and during the game? Save your energy for a vigorous match and make a smart purchase by buying an electric golf cart. The Electric golf carts are a hassle-free vehicle which can run for hours by simply charging the cart for a full day! These carts are comparatively less expensive when compared to the gas golf carts. In fact, these golf carts are easier to maintain as they do not require regular maintenance in the operations involved in a typical engine-based gas golf cart. Assessing the pros and cons of the both the types of carts flooded in the market, Electric carts prove to be a better option than the gas golf carts. Here is a brief analysis on how to close up on a smart deal.


Advantages of Buying Gold Kart:

There are a number of advantages that you can be on the receiving end of, on purchasing one of these gold karts-

  • Electric golf cart, the required accessories and their other minor counterparts can be operated at a lower cost. Hence, can be both cost-effective and time-effective.
  • You can expect a complete noise-free with a pollution-free vehicle to stroll on the lawn, as they are free from gas emissions.
  • Powered by rechargeable battery, there is a minimal maintenance which eventually reduces the annual cost required in the vigilance of the proper working of the cart.

About The Karts:

Some of the things that you need to know before buying these golf karts include-

  • These golf karts come with approximately about five horsepower.
  • Such carts require a full day recharge before you can actually take it out for a ride.
  • The batteries incorporated in the cart should be handled with due care. If maintained well, the batteries can last up to more than five years.

A fully charged cart can last up to 18 to 27 holes, with exceptions up to 36 holes. So you can expect to charge the carts frequently for a prolonged period of usage. The top ranges of cart come with exclusive features like USB charging port, GPS cradle, digital LCD colour screen and a battery meter to indulge in a luxurious experience over the game.

The electric golf carts with 6-6 volt batteries is a 36 voltage cart while a 6-8 volt battery is 48 voltage cart. The best brand is Club Car, which can be slightly heavier in your pocket than the brands like EZ Go and Yamaha. These golf carts are quiet, funky and comfortable yet can be enjoyable for the perfect delightful weekend.

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